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innovation eats design for breakfast. and Pizza.

December 1st was our 1st breakfast date with friends curious about what we’ve been up to over the past few months (might even be one year already!). We’ve had a bunch of interesting people – designers, architects, writers, businessmen and women, artists, techies, and foodies, visiting us to get to know our design playground and hear about the various ways in which they can be part of this project. We felt super proud to be able to share for the first time with the world IED’s plans for this place, our vision for future experiments, and getting to hear about what everyone is interested in, curious to learn and excited to transform in their lives.

We are originally Italian, so we thought else can accompany a cold early morning if not a high quality Naples pizza (made even earlier that morning by our friends at Luna Rossa. For those of you who were stuck having a normal breakfast somewhere else, we promise we’ll have more of these fun gatherings in the coming months, as we’re getting closer to officially opening our doors.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear more from you! Your feedback is essential to keep us evolving the plans we have for iil, and we’re keen to hear your ideas of how we could collaborate and do exciting things together.

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