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Making fab(lab)ulous furniture for iil

While we’ve been working on shaping and setting up the other 5 Labs that will operate as part of iil, our first fully operational Lab has been busy with its first large scale project: the design and production of all the furniture inside our building. We’ve started from OpenDesk open source designs, and adapted and modified them until we had the right tables, chairs and shelving units for each hexagonal work space modules, dining areas and workshop areas. Every piece was cut out of birch plywood using our own CNC, and assembled on site by our FabLab team. This production technique is an easy and sustainable way to create locally, minimizing transportation of already made goods, using global designs and adapting them exactly to our needs.

All this sharing and caring we base on the makers movement philosophy, which some say is a reaction to the de-valuing of physical exploration and the growing sense of disconnection with the physical world in modern cities. Many products produced by the maker communities have a focus on health (food), sustainable development, environmentalism and local culture, and can from that point of view also be seen as a negative response to disposables, globalized mass production, we are bringing back the power to the people, making cities more self sustainable and less dependent on far away mass production.

Scroll down for photos of the process and our happy dusty faces.

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