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making planes fly with Airbus Space&Defence

Our very first experimental workshop was commissioned by Airbus. The challenge at hand was to help them transform team dynamics in order to collaborate better in solving an essential problem for their fleet: keeping planes in the air for longer.

To guide them through this team transformation we’ve set up two separate approaches, across two days. First day was dedicated to making – during which we taught our freshmen Airbus students the value of getting their sleeves rolled and their hands dirty – by designing, prototyping and producing their own meeting table and chairs. The second day we spent working intensively on answering 10 key questions by taking a design-thinking approach to working in a team and identifying solutions in an unexpected way.

Craft beers from our own neighbourhood and inspirational talks from our design community were delivered on both days, and the groups of aeronautical experts left with an armload of ideas, a box of solutions, and a super positive feedback for our iil team.


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