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We’ve equipped our design playground with specialized lab units (built around the areas of technology, business, services and environment), each bringing to the table a different set of design methods, professional team, and specialized insight. Collaboration between these lab units will allow us to prototype the right approach to each project we set up here.

Fab Lab

Using prototyping as a tool for making ideas tangible.

Media Lab

Using visual design as a tool for framing, expressing and presenting ideas.

XR Lab

Extended Reality - a new world of opportunities is open with VR, AR and MR: A user interface where you can navigate in 3D can enrich the communication between humans, products, companies and information.

City Lab

Using service design as a tool for exploring urban transformation.

Future Food Lab

The Future Food Lab at iil. is a specialist unit created through the collaboration of IED and Future Food Institute, with the mission of exploring and transforming people’s relationship with food.

Digital Design Lab

We design and develop products and services, websites and apps for the IED Network, which help with the digital transformation and to communicate, learn, project and work online.