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iil staff

At the lab we have a team of highly talented multidisciplinary professionals who are eager to explore challenges from many many angles. They work together, through the various labs, well connected with an international design community, with the mission of solving the issue of transformation through playful design.

You can write to us if you want to talk to us about some projects, ideas, innovation or whatever you think would be relevant.

We are always happy to have interesting discussions.

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Gonzalo Salcedo g.salcedo

head of projects ied innovation lab

Daniel García d.garcia

director of the fab lab at iil.

Ignacio Prieto i.prieto

director of the fablab at iil.

José Francisco j.garcia

director of the city lab at iil.

María Grande m.grande

director of the media lab at iil.

Damjan Damjanovic d.damjanovic

designer at the media lab at iil.

Miguel Lindo m.lindo

designer at the media lab at iil.