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IED Innovation Lab is a design playground for transformation projects. We provide a new type of design experience and a set of tools for students, companies, neighbours, public institutions, to come together and create their own projects of transformation: small, big, personal, social, local, global. We imagine, question, research, explore, experiment, educate and prototype. We’re here to transform design as a discipline.


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lab experience

Here at the lab we facilitate a new kind of design experience - for our colleagues, neighbours, partners, students, and mice to approach innovation from a different perspective. Here’s what you should expect from being part of iil:

all those very diverse, unexpected people you’ll be introduced to
we want you to take home with you all the ideas and recipes you’ll discover here and make them your own
yes, that humanity-centric, holistic, and a bit self-indulgent approach to innovation
we’re all students here, and we’ve got so much to learn from each other
who knows where your exploration will take you? let’s embrace the unknown
we’re pretty serious about being childish


Starting from a big challenge and working with the tools provided by our design playground, we can imagine, question, research, explore, experiment, teach and prototype any kind of transformation. We’re starting from a standard menu - as you can see on the right - but we’re excited to mix it up a bit and set up something that’s fit for your challenge. Tell us what’s the kind of transformation you have in mind and we’ll turn it into a designdriven exploration here at iil.


Commissioned projects are built around the transformation questions of an organisation - be it a company, a startup, the city hall, a school, or the local market.


Explorational projects are all about a central research topic, based on social challenge bigger than all of us, set by iil, and which requires multiple perspectives to understand and solve.


Educational projects are student-centred and they form the basis of potential future programmes, for anyone who wants to create, adopt, or apply new design methods.

We are a young team of multidisciplinary people coming from various countries. 
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what's going on

These are still early days for our playground. Over the past few months we’ve been busy building this place, defining the experience, piloting projects, and bringing together our design community. We’ve got lots of exciting things cooking and we can’t wait to share all of them with you. In the meantime, check out what’s currently going on here.

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Conceived as research laboratories, the Masters of Design and Innovation have created an environment that promotes divergent thinking and the analysis of current design from a range of different approaches: business strategy, production and communication. The projects completed during each of the masters are also the result of the interaction and collaboration between the students and the Program Leadears, tutors and professionals.

Master of Product Design Labs

Sustainability, design and innovation
Materialise your ideas by applying creative innovation to materials and fabrication

Master of Communication Design Labs

Strategic positioning, design and innovation
Identify challenges and opportunities in the new paradigm of communication

Master of Strategic Design Labs

Entrepreneurship, design and innovation
Transform visionary ideas into innovative projects and business opportunities


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