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IED Innovation Lab

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design playground for transformation projects


nice to meet you*

IED Innovation Lab is a design playground for transformation projects. We provide a new type of design experience and a set of tools for students, companies, neighbours, public institutions, to come together and create their own projects of transformation: small, big, personal, social, local, global. We imagine, question, research, explore, experiment, educate and prototype. We’re here to transform design as a discipline.


*feeling like reading the long radio-voice version? Here’s our manifesto >


Here at the lab we facilitate a new kind of design experience – for our colleagues, neighbours, partners, students, and mice to approach innovation from a different perspective. Here’s what you should expect from being part of iil:

all those very diverse, unexpected people you’ll be introduced to
we want you to take home with you all the ideas and recipes you’ll discover here and make them your own
yes, that humanity-centric, holistic, and a bit self-indulgent approach to innovation
we’re all students here, and we’ve got so much to learn from each other
who knows where your exploration will take you? let’s embrace the unknown
we’re pretty serious about being childish